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Build A Body You Can Be Proud Of With The 10 Best Old School Exercises



The concentration curl is all about mental effort as it is muscle effort. To really get the most from this exercise, you really have to contract your biceps throughout the entire range of motion. The amount of weight used is not as important as concentrating on moving the weight from the starting position to the ending position.

“One common mistake people make with these is they curl the weight to their chest. Instead you should curl it out in the direction of your pinky. Makes all the difference.”



The overhead rope extension is a great exercise that hits the entire triceps area. The movement itself allows for a complete range of motion for the triceps, making this a very effective exercise for developing the triceps. Use a lat machine for this exercise and use either a bar or rope to complete this exercise.



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The lying triceps is a compound movement that is considered a triceps mass builder. Often called “skull crushers”, this exercise uses the triceps as the primary muscle group. Secondary muscle groups include the front shoulders, and chest. To get the most from this exercise, make sure your elbows are back a bit, and stationary. Your elbows shouldn’t move throughout the entire movement. Keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and keep your head and butt on the bench.

“You lie down and do eight reps of extensions bringing the bar behind your head. Then without stopping you do another 8 reps bringing the bar to your forehead. Then you immediately go to 8 pushouts—basically close-grip bench presses with the elbows held close to the body. It will totally fatigue your triceps.” 



This exercise is a very specialised movement that is designed to work the lower thigh area. Because of the unusual angle at which this exercise is performed, this movement is done with no weight or only moderate poundage.

“You hold onto either a machine or a column or some other vertical bar that can take your weight. Then holding on with one hand you squat down, leaning your torso back so as to put all the stress on your quads. Remember to keep your hips forward at all times. If you’re doing them correctly you don’t even need weight, but you can hold a plate to your chest with your free arm.”



“What we used to do was find a nice thick broom handle or a metal pipe and drill a hole through its center. Then we’d tie a rope through it and tie a weight to the other end and raise the weight by rolling the bar with our arms extended. It gives you an unbelievable burn in your forearms after just a few sets.”