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What This Son Did For His Overweight Father Is So Inspiring



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This transformation is one of epic proportions and a life-saving change. This man, a single widowed father raising his three sons went through life never looking for glory or praise, always living in deep commitment and always providing for those dear and close. I decided to take him on as my “client” as I was concerned by the unhealthy physical and psychological trends that were occurring.

Committing to a transformation requires reshaping your whole person. Not only are you bettering yourself when you decide to make these changes, but you are making a meaningful difference in the lives of those around you.

Dino was a smoker for 30+ years and lost both his parents and wife at a very young age. Aside from all of the external stressors in his life; his health, or lack there of, was bringing him down. With extremely high blood pressure and cholesterol, weighing in at over 300 lbs, he was soon diagnosed with Type II Diabetes. The doctors were concerned and his family was distraught.

Habits are hard to break and almost become unconscious thoughts based on previous experience. Engaging in an alternative behavior and developing self-discipline and self-awareness will assist in gaining the will power to overcome an unhealthy and dangerous habit.

He once told me he was inspired by my own transformation, and was a follower and enormous supporter of Fusaro Fitness. He was ready to make a change and listened without hesitation. Taking the time to further understand nutrition, tracking macronutrients, and correct training and nutrition protocols he was on board. With no access to anything but a small gym at work, his lunch break soon became “gym time.” Sacrifices had to be made, but with a goal and a vision in mind, no excuses were acceptable.

Continuing to track his progress and focus on small improvements, he was dropping weight and seeing results. Him and I were both on the same level of understanding, where mediocrity was simply unacceptable. Everyone wants to achieve their dreams but unfortunately in this “success-driven” world, the vast majority of people aren’t willing to put in the necessary work to attain greatness.

Currently, at 54 years old he is weighing in at 180lbs down from over 300. His blood work is excellent and he is off many of his prescribed medications. He is also smoke free for years now. This was all done without surgery, special pills, powder or supplements. It was done with a combination of hard work, dedication and consistency. Remember that success will never come easily, nor will it come automatically. What separates the great from the rest is not just a reoccurring dream but how they deal with the inevitable difficulties in life.

Let’s stop throwing this phrase “I Can’t” around, because what the majority of us mean is “I won’t” or “I am too afraid to try.” Repeating, “I can’t” is a good way to reinforce that message in your mind and make you truly believe it. The use of this negative language can be self-prophesying and we can bypass that by putting positive affirmations into our mind.

It is perfectly fine to not want to do something, but more important to acknowledge the fact that if you wanted to do something YOU CAN.

By saying “I can’t” we remove any responsibility and convince ourselves we are powerless, but saying “I won’t” implies that if we wanted to we could, but we choose not to. ‘Won’t” is more empowering so when we realize we are not the victim and come to terms that we DO have control over our lives, we will feel a huge sense of relief. Remember, We Are Limitless!

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